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Electric Vehicle Charging

Westech Electrical is officially an approved installer for OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles).

This means it is possible for you to receive grant funding of up to £500 when we install a charge point for you, under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. 

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you to choose the best charge point for your home.

We are approved by Rolec, POD point and Project EV.

You can contact us to arrange a free site survey so that we can explain the various options and so that we know exactly what equipment will be needed to install at your property should you choose to go ahead.

Call our team on 01631 570 425 for more info.


1. Charging at home is cheaper

A full charge might cost as little as £3, which means you can run your car for as little as 2p per mile. You'll pay your normal electricity unit price, rather than the £1-1.50 an hour for public charging (or up to £7.50 an hour for rapid charging).

2. Home EV charge points are faster

Your car can be charged from flat to full in anywhere between 1-7 hours using a home EV charge point. This compares to a minimum of 6 hours if charging from the mains. It's also quicker than public charging, unless you use the expensive rapid charging options.

3. Charging at home is more convenient

You will have more control over when you charge your car and you'll be less dependent on having to find a public charge point, not to mention you will always be first in line!

4. Home EV charge points may be better for battery life

Charging your battery to near full when possible, rather than just an hour or so at a time on many occasions might be better for it in the long run. This is much easier to do if you have your own charge point.

5. A home EV charge point can increase property value.

There were 223,000 electric cars registered in the UK as of July 2019. This number will continue to increase as more people choose to go electric, so a home charge point will be an attractive addition for potential buyers.


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